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Practice Areas

We will provide theory and application instructions that will lead to hands on skills and training thereby creating student confidence on their road to transformation and success.

Life Skills 


​​A student's development into a well-rounded person with technical, academic and "employability" skills is a primary goal at

All 4 Less. The skills will teach that not only help you be successful in your educational program  but will also help

you to get a job or start your own business and equip you with the tools necessary to  have a successful career; These skills include:

Study Skills

Employability Skills

Financial Management


Public Speaking

Time Management

Organizational Skills

Conflict Resolution

Stress Management

Problem Solving






Students will be mentored throughout their program to ensure they achieve goals. Student's will study everything that has to do with hair including advanced techniques, team work, business building, retail success, skin care, manicuring and pedicuring. 


Nail Technicians

The course of instruction is based on Milady Art & Science of Nail Technology.
Our curriculum has been designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of manicuring, which is then expanded to meet the requirements of a contemporary salon setting.


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